Rocket science at Christ’s Hospital

Rocket science at Christ's Hospital. Photo by Lucia Brown
Rocket science at Christ's Hospital. Photo by Lucia Brown

Children from 16 primary schools across the County were enthralled by the Maths and Science involved in launching a rocket, which was explored during a workshop hosted by Christ’s Hospital on Tuesday, 5th November.

The topic was quite apt given that it was the 5th November and leading the day was Dr Medley, Head of Chemistry and Mr Smith, Head of Maths. The day saw the children participate in a number of workshops. In Chemistry the pupils looked at rates of magnesium reacting with hydrochloric acid and what controls them. They then used some algebra in Maths to predict the height certain rockets would reach. After lunch the pupils appreciated a fabulous lecture demonstration on the contents of fireworks, they marvelled at pops, whizzes and bangs. All of the content was designed to stretch not only the children’s knowledge but also their imagination. Following the classroom sessions, they then went from the lab to the sports field to watch the launch of two rockets to see the Maths and Science they had learnt in action. The group watched as the two team rockets Hijinks and Rascal were launched 200m into the air before safely parachuting down. Presentations for the best groups were given out and everyone retired for a well-earned cup of tea and cake.

This event was part of Christ’s Hospital’s educational enrichment workshop programme which is now in its fourth year. The workshop gave Christ’s Hospital the chance to throw open its doors and share its teachers, pupils and facilities with pupils from other schools.

One of the visiting teachers commented: “The balance of fun and subtle education was achieved by Dr Medley and Mr Smith. The children loved the workshop and want to become chemists, then mathematicians, but loud bangs always trump algebra!”

Report contributed by Christ’s Hospital. Pictures by Lucia Brown.