‘Road To Rio’ science roadshow at Glebelands

Science roadshow at Glebelands School SUS-150806-171623001
Science roadshow at Glebelands School SUS-150806-171623001

On Monday 1st June, Glebelands School hosted the science roadshow entitled “Road to Rio”.

Sponsored by BAE Systems and the Royal Air Force this talk was aimed to promote the role of Engineers and Engineering as a profession and open up students eyes to the possibilities that they can have when working in this field.

The talk discussed the role that engineering plays in sport and the design and application involved in sports equipment and clothing.

They looked at some of the real life applications, such as the design of Amy Williams’ Olympic skeleton bobsled and Jonnie Peacock’s running blades.

It went through the different types of forces involved in moving objects and then how engineers can exploit these forces further to increase speed whether it be in F1 racing or cycling.

The students got to look at real life applications through video and also through practical hands on demonstrations. They were able to see air move through smoke rings as the air was used to blow cups off students’ heads and to make music into lightning using a Tesla Coil in a Faraday Cage.

The students left the show feeling they had really learnt something and more importantly it has hopefully inspired some to become the engineers of the future, designing the next generation of sports equipment.

Report and picture contributed by Mr Stefan Radwanski, Head of Science.