Reward to find pet goose killer

South Downs news
South Downs news

A horrified pet owner is offering a £150 reward for the conviction of the intruders who butchered her pet goose.

Kay Henderson, of Montpelier Gardens, Washington, came home on Thursday and discovered what had happened.

The goose, known as Sir Edwin, had lived in a paddock at the side of the house with his mate and their two offspring.

On Thursday intruders got into the paddock and killed and butchered him.

Kay told the County Times: “I believe I may have disturbed them on my return home as there is evidence they made their escape into my neighbour’s field over a high fence.”

She explained that, although the body had been cut up, the meat wasn’t dry and the blood on the ground was still wet.

“I am offering £150 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. I would advise owners of other birds or animals in the Washington area that may be viewed as food by some people to take extra precautions.

“To whoever did this - You have left me heartbroken and two young geese without their dad. The goose was quite old and had not been wormed. I hope he was tough to eat and made you sick.”

Kay had been out from 10.30am to 12.30pm. Anyone with information can contact Sussex Police quoting reference number 786 of June 13.