Residents win fight against double yellow lines

Newham Lane, Steyning, with the junction of Godstalls Lane on the right
Newham Lane, Steyning, with the junction of Godstalls Lane on the right

RESIDENTS in a busy Steyning road have won their fight to block parking restrictions near their home.

Plans to put double yellow lines along stretches of Newham Lane, Hills Road, Godstalls Road and Newham Close were met with disapproval by many living in the area.

Residents said they would have nowhere to park near their homes and the need to park elsewhere would just move the problem.

Issues arose because of pressures on street parking, with some saying visibility was affected and pedestrians were being put in danger by parking near junctions.

Chanctonbury County Local Committee was told last Wednesday consultation with residents between March 21 and April 12 led to a flurry of objections, including seven letters and a petition.

One Newham Close resident said: “Many people living in Newham Lane park at the top of Newham Close, also people visiting the town, and all it will do is push the parking further down the road, so residents will be unable to have any visitors.”

A petition signed by six residents of Newham Lane and Newham Close said they had ‘immense difficulty’ in parking.

Workers coming into the town tended to park in the lane all day, some residents of the close were not using rear parking spaces at their houses, and several people did not have access to road parking outside their houses, it continued.

A report by Diane Ashby, director of service operations, and Geoff Lowry, head of highways and transport, told the committee the concerns raised outweighed the benefits to the community.

“The objections received indicate a considerable level of concern relating to the reduction in on-street parking spaces,” the report states.

“It is being proposed prohibition of waiting at all times (double yellow lines) only be introduced at the junciton on Godstalls Lane and Newham Lane and the remainder of the scheme be dropped.”

The report says the proposed yellow line waiting restrictions at the junction of Newham Close and Hills Road are no longer considered necessary.

“However, at the junction of Godstalls Lane, it is deemed appropriate to restrict parking to enable emergency access.”

The committee approved the amended Traffic Regulation Order.

Diane Ashby added: “We would encourage residents to use the off-street parking as it eases the pressure for parking in the local vicinity.”

Answering suggestions for residents’ only parking, she said the only way this would be possible would be with the introduction of a Controlled Parking Zone, although these were rarely introduced in a single road, only over a wide area.

That was outside the scope of these proposals, she said, but it was pointed out West Sussex County Council had long-term plans to conduct a parking investigation in Storrington some time in the future, so something similar could be looked at.