Residents ‘trapped’ by cars parked at Horsham school

Families living near a Horsham school are being kept ‘trapped’ in their homes because of scores of parked cars in the area.

Exasperated residents say they face being blocked in twice daily by parents dropping off and collecting their children at Kingslea Primary School.

Tamsin Errett, right with husband Sam and mum Caroline Leighton

Tamsin Errett, right with husband Sam and mum Caroline Leighton

And they fear that an accident is waiting to happen.

Mum-to-be Tamsin Errett who lives near the school in Kingslea is now at the end of her tether. She said: “Twice a day me and other residents can’t leave our houses because of the parents of Kingslea Primary School.

“Today there were 30 cars parked down the pavement to the point that my mum, who is in a wheelchair, had to go down the road because of the cars.

“They park all down the pavement and on double lines and across people’s drives. Sooner or later there is going to be an accident on that road.

“And if someone needs an ambulance, or any of the emergency services, they will not be able to get there because of the cars.”

She said gates had recently been installed across the school’s two car park entrances so that drivers were unable to access the car park.

Tamsin, who with her husband Sam are carers for her mother who is a wheelchair user, said that whenever they asked parents to move their cars so they could access their path, they were met with aggression and rudeness.

Kingslea School head teacher Alexis Conway said gates had been placed across the school car park for safety reasons.

“Parents had, until recently, been able to park in part of the school’s car park while dropping off, or picking up, their children,” he said.

“However, some vehicles were parking dangerously, becoming a hazard for both children and adults when they tried to walk past.’

“Children’s safety has to be our top priority. Therefore we installed gates in line with other schools, with parents now parking outside the school’s grounds.’

“We encourage children and parents to walk, cycle or scoot to school and regularly remind parents who drive to respect our neighbours’ needs to have access to their driveways at all times.

“Our most recent reminder was in our newsletter on Monday.”