Residents removed from Crawley nursing home over ‘safety concerns’

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West Sussex County Council (WSCC) is removing 52 residents from a nursing home in Southgate,Crawley, citing safety concerns.

The county council has terminated its contract with Oakhurst Grange Nursing Home, in Goffs Park Road, after it was found to be failing in its quality of care.

The Bupa care home, which cares for people with dementia, was given two warning notices to make urgent improvements by the Care Quality Commission in December last year.

A follow up inspection published in April found the care home was still failing.

A county council spokesman said there had been some improvement in the standard of care, but the council did ‘not have the confidence that the improvements will reach recognised adequate care standards within an acceptable time frame or be sustained’.

Amanda Rogers, county council director of adults’ services, said: “We have worked in partnership with the home’s management team for many weeks to help the service to improve so we are disappointed that standards are still so poor that residents’ health, safety and welfare are at risk.

“Residents’ safety and wellbeing is our priority so, along with carers and families, we will be doing all we can to make their move as comfortable as possible, and to provide the support they need.

“This decision has been a difficult one for us to make as we are aware that moving frail and elderly residents to alternative accommodation causes them stress. We know that some residents and their families believe that the care they have received has been adequate.

“We only do this when necessary, and in this case, it is necessary.”

The CQC report in April revealed that two residents had been given PRN medication (which helps to control behavioural problems) during the night.

When asked why one of the people was receiving it, as there were no behavioural problems recorded, staff said it was because she would be up all night asking for cups of tea.

Richard Jackson, operations director for Bupa Care Homes, said: “We have been making progress at the home and this has been recognised by residents and their relatives.

“Residents’ welfare is always our number one priority and we will help those who wish to move, while doing everything possible to continue to care for those who prefer to stay.”

West Sussex County Council is reassessing people’s care needs prior to starting to move people to alternative care accommodation.

Privately-funded residents at the home will also be offered advice and information as to their options.

A dedicated line has been set up at the county council to provide families with advice and information:01243 642104.