Residents complain about noise at port

Shoreham Port chief executive Rodney Lunn brings people up to date with trading, outlook and further development plans
Shoreham Port chief executive Rodney Lunn brings people up to date with trading, outlook and further development plans

NOISE problems relating to a steel works in Fishersgate have been raised by residents.

Concern about ongoing issued were discussed at Shoreham Port’s annual public and stakeholder’s meeting last Tuesday.

Development director Peter Davies said the authority sympathised with people affected by continuing noise from the steel processing plant at Fishersgate Terminal.

He said: “We agreed to facilitate a meeting with the local authority and the residents to try to solve the issue.

“The local authority is in the best position to deal with the problem as it has the expertise and powers, if required, to deal with such matters.

“We have every sympathy with those residents affected and will do what we can to help the parties reach agreement on what is acceptable and reasonable.”

The annual meeting was attended by 75 people, including residents, businessmen and local authority representatives.

Chief executive Rodney Lunn gave an update on the port’s trading, outlook and further development plans. Current issues were also discussed.

He highlighted key achievements to date and gave an update on a range of renewable energy projects, including the Brighton and Hove Energy Co-operative solar panel project, which will start generating green electricity soon.

Mr Lunn said: “Trading wise, the port has got off to an excellent start this year with large volumes of a broad mix of cargoes being brought through the port, reflecting the upturn in the local economy and developments in the construction market.”

The evening concluded with a question and answers session followed by refreshments, giving people the chance to ask specific questions and chat directly to the senior management team and the board.

The port reported that the majority of stakeholders were very positive and saw it as a central resource for economic growth and regeneration, creating many additional jobs.

David Skinner, director of Sussex Yacht Club, said: “Our relationship with the port has very much improved over the last few years and we are extremely grateful for the increased mooring capacity at the Port.”

He said the lockmasters looked after the leisure users “very well”.

David Donaldson, Adur district councillor for Eastbrook, said: “I was one of 75 members of the public who attended Shoreham Port’s well presented annual meeting; an event I eagerly look forward to each year.

“This expertly-run enterprise has weathered the recession exceptionally well, with 2014 gathering an excellent trading momentum. As usual, the evening was both interesting and exciting.”