Resident reacts to school traffic plans

W04340H14-NorthbrookTraffic''GV of Traffic on Broadwater Road outside Northbrook College in Broadwater. Worthing.
W04340H14-NorthbrookTraffic''GV of Traffic on Broadwater Road outside Northbrook College in Broadwater. Worthing.

A WORTHING resident whose garage backs onto the site of the town’s £13million secondary school says that plans regarding increased traffic to the area need revising.

Nick Taylor, of Cortis Avenue, says that for people living near to Northbrook College’s Broadwater site, on which the new 900 pupil school will be built, the main concern is Queen Street.

He said: “It is currently used by a reasonable number of motorists and forms part of a perceived Terringes Avenue - St Lawrence Avenue - Queen Street thoroughfare to avoid congested junctions.

“Motorists travelling east along Queen Street on route to East Worthing, turn left into Broadwater Road and then right into Sompting Avenue.

“Some motorists drive straight-across both carriageways of Broadwater Road from Queen Street into Georgia Avenue or right towards the Worthing town centre.

“For those motorists taking the first option, the priority is to exit Queen Street and to get into the outside lane of the northbound carriageway of Broadwater Road as quickly as possible.

“It is currently quite normal in the morning between 8am and 9am to see a queue of cars waiting to exit the east end of Queen Street.

“Personally I feel that the installation of a crossing at the position indicated will cause hazardous conditions for both pedestrians and those motorists who wish to pursue the Queen Street, Broadwater Road, Sompting Avenue route.

“I understand that a footbridge could be regarded as cost prohibitive. However, the potential for fatal road traffic accident by the installation of the proposed puffin crossing, may tip the balance in favour of another option.”

Mr Taylor said that the college’s Broadwater site was perfect for the new school, but that there are issues that ‘need ironing out’.

He said; “I would like to see a little more evidence to support what the plans are in as much as,’yes it will increase traffic but we are happy that it is at an acceptable level’

“I feel that we are having the wool pulled over our eyes and I am concerned that the traffic side of things has not been considered enough.

“Access and egress to this site and the Queen Street Car Park is via a narrow 14ft wide passageway from Queen Street, not Queens Road as indicated on the Highways display board, as presented at the public consultation/review at Northbrook College last week.

“I assume that drop-off with-in the Queen Street Car Park will be encouraged by the Sussex Police, rather than the realisation of added congestion caused by the drop-off of pupils at the roadside in Queen Street.”

A detailed planning application will be submitted next month.