Rabbits and the best way to plant thousands of daffodils

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The group of people in high visibility waistcoats seen working at the junction of Gossops Drive and Crawley Avenue on Saturday were mistakenly thought by some to be people doing “community service”.

Well, I suppose we were in a way as the service we were providing will benefit the community!

What members of Gossops Community Forum were actually doing was planting bulbs to create a warm welcome for the spring. Lots of neighbourhoods have adopted this way of brightening up their main entrance roads.

The group wanted to write “Welcome to Gossops Green” in the bulbs but opted for just planting 2,000 daffodils on the slope at the junction and to leave the more adventurous stuff for another time!

The technique we use when planting lots of daffodils is: using a spade, dig three sides of a square, at approx half a spade’s depth, lift the lid, pop in around 10 daffodil bulbs (the pointy bit upwards please), close the lid. Job done.

This can be done by adults and children alike.

Even the smallest children are able to plant the daffodils and they love jumping up and down on the lids to shut them!

We also dig all the holes first before putting the bulbs in so that the area looks like it has been invaded by a family of moles. Once we have put all the lids down however, you would never know we had been there – til the spring…

Volunteers from Tesco Dot Com became experts in the above technique by the end of their planting session at Manor Royal.

They planted 2,000 daffodils on the grass verge beside the “Rabbit Roundabout” at Astral Towers.

The “Rabbit Roundabout” is not its proper name but most people know it as that because of the large numbers of rabbits that live on the roundabout.

The roundabout has been planted and replanted on a number of occasions to try to make it look nice but all that has happened is that the rabbits have eaten virtually everything that was planted within a few weeks.

Work is currently underway to remove a lot of the overgrown vegetation on the roundabout and hopefully by the spring you should see a huge difference and it will look a lot nicer.

Students from Central Sussex College came out to help us again this week. This time they helped clear the huge quantities of leaves that have fallen (after all it is autumn!) around the town centre. One group worked on the large raised planters along Queensway from Marks and Spencer to Queens Square picking out the leaves by hand and a second group worked in the Memorial Gardens with rakes, while a third team went litter picking around the gardens. It was absolutely freezing but as usual the students were cheerful, enthusiastic and all worked really hard to do a good job. Thank you also to Christian, Sam, Andy and Martin from Crawley Borough Council for their help and support.