Quarter of a million blooms at Wakehurst

Flowering Cyclamen at Wakehurst. Pic Jim Holden
Flowering Cyclamen at Wakehurst. Pic Jim Holden

Over a quarter of a million blooms are creating a colourful carpet at Kew’s country garden in Ardingly.

Thought to be one of the largest populations of flowering Cyclamen in the country, Wakehurst has produced a stunning display of the Mediterranean Cyclamen hederifolium.

Gardens manager Dr Chris Clennett said: “The species we have in profusion is typically found from Greece to Turkey but grows well at Wakehurst.

“It is the hardiest of the species for growing in Britain, where it will seed and spread gradually to form large colonies. The pink or white ‘shuttlecock’ flowers appear between August and October, and are followed by beautifully marbled and dappled leaves that stay on the plants until May or June”

Wakehurst planted 30,000 plants near the Visitor Centre, raised in England from seed, to create a bold display through autumn. There are also drifts of plants near the Mansion which total around 330,000 blooms on the estate altogether.

The 500-acre estate is open daily from 10am. More details from kew.org/Wakehurst or 01444 894066.