Pupils explore the science of water

Science Days at Gossops Green School
Science Days at Gossops Green School

Pupils at Gossops Green Primary School had fun exploring the theme of ‘Water’ for their annual Science Days.

Supported by Holy Trinity Sixth Form students, children took part in a series of workshops which explored water in a real life context.

Questions they looked into included: why we need a damp proof course in houses, why water runs down a mountain (and not up), why sand is the best material to use in bags to prevent flood water damaging property, why water flows faster when there is a taller column of water above the hole it comes out of.

The children also brought bottles to school to make their own water filters.

Headteacher Dawn Martin said some of the filters were “extremely successful”, with very muddy water appearing “clean” when collected at the bottom of the bottles.

Holy Trinity CE Secondary School’s Science Department led sessions for older pupils, exploring the effect that the width and length of a tube has on the speed that water passes through it.

And speakers from Southern Water and Wateraid explained how water is cleaned commercially and the difficulties of access to clean water in developing countries.

One pupil said: “I always look forward to Science Days every year – they’re such fun and I learn loads.”