Praise for castle estate

HURRAH for the Duke of Norfolk, Dr Dick Potts and the Arundel Estate staff. We should all be thankful that he is taking important steps and making a large investment to help secure the future of our declining Downland wildlife species in the fields around the Estate’s farms.

Particularly the farmland birds which have been covered by Chris Packham on TV recently in a report from Hampshire.

My family and I regularly walk above Peppering in all seasons and we can confirm that we have been able to enjoy the sight and song of skylarks,watch lapwings, red kite and others as mentioned in your report this week.

My late father, who lived in Burpham for more than half of his 92 years, told us his spirit was in those fields which overlook the beautiful Arun Valley. He had spoken with Dr Potts about this work and would have been happy to know of its success.

I only hope that the people who cheered the diatribe against the Duke and his Estate at Whiteways on May 14 over the Rewell Wood, also take the trouble to see and hear for themselves the results of the conservation work between Burpham and North Stoke, undertaken in the best interests of our biodiversity and the Sussex countryside at a financial cost to the farm’s income.

John Penfold