Potholes in Worthing prove a hazard for road users

W05515H14  Pothole in Marine Parade
W05515H14 Pothole in Marine Parade

RESIDENTS, motorists and cyclists are all in agreement that ‘something needs to be done’ about Worthing’s roads.

Strong winds and heavy rain combined with traffic flow have led to many potholes opening up across the town.

Christchurch Road, Rowlands Road, West Street, Richmond Road, Bulkington Avenue and Queen Street are just a small selection of areas plagued by poor road conditions according to comments left on the Herald’s Facebook page.

Edward Kilroy, 30, runs the St Paul’s Centre in Chapel Road. The front wheel of his bike was ‘badly’ buckled after he rode over a pot hole just north of the bridge next to the Teville Gate car park.

He said: “It was at night and even though I had lights on I couldn’t see it.

“Quite often I can’t swerve out the way because if I go to the left I’ll go into the pavement and if I swerve to the right I might end up in the path of a car driving past me.

“Something needs to be done, I can imagine there’s a lot of people who have had damage caused to their bikes and cars and it’s not fair they have to pay to fix it.”

West Sussex County Council could not be reached for comment.

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, Thursday, February 6.