Pledge from UKIP opposition group to listen to residents

Mike Glennon.
Mike Glennon.

The leader of the new opposition at West Sussex County Council, UKIP’s Mike Glennon, has said listening to residents concerns is the way the party will keep in touch with residents.

Mr Glennon, 55, received 54 per cent of the vote in the Lancing division said: “We are seeing a major long-term shift now in British politics with the emergence of a party dedicated to the return of Home Rule to the United Kingdom.

“But yes, we are newcomers – we are on a steep learning curve and we realise that government is a complex business. Whilst we don’t have magic wands or profess to walk on water, we are determined to bring a spirit of common sense back into the political arena.

“Our local manifesto focused on clear specifics, such as low taxes and a strong bias against development of green space, but I believe representation is not just about telling people what we want to do. It’s about listening – and then listening again. It’s by keeping in touch with our local residents that we identify the most important local issues which need addressing at county level.”

UKIP now has 10 seats on the county council ahead of the Liberal Democrats and Labour which have eight seats.