‘No intention’ to destroy old farm buildings in Middleton

Elms Fam Barn. SUS-181114-154351001
Elms Fam Barn. SUS-181114-154351001

Concerned residents have been assured that there is ‘no intention’ to demolish historic farm buildings in Middleton.

It comes as West Sussex County Council (WSCC) announced plans to demolish a vandalised farmhouse on the same piece of land at Elms Farm, Ancton Lane.

Both the farmhouse and the series of historic buildings – farm structures and flint walls – are owned by the county council.

A West Sussex County Council spokesperson said: “We have been requested by Arun District Council to demolish the farmhouse as it has been vandalised and is beyond habitable occupation.

“We are currently considering our options with the other buildings but we have no intention of demolishing any of the old flint farm buildings or flint walls at this time.”

Middleton-on-Sea Parish Council had raised concerns about the ‘architecturally significant’ buildings after it had been suggested by some that they would be demolished along with the farmhouse.

A spokesman for the parish council said: “The council understands the need to demolish the farmhouse which is now derelict and of no architectural value to the community.”

Speaking before the county council assured residents that it has no intention of demolishing the other buildings, the spokesman said: “The parish council would regard it as a dereliction of WSCC’s duty as owners of these historic buildings if they are demolished without good reason, resulting in an amenity loss for the residents of Ancton Lane, Middleton and Elmer.”

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