New party formed in Selsey to contest council elections

Local Alliance members in Selsey
Local Alliance members in Selsey

A new party has been formed in Selsey by a group of town councillors, traders and residents to contest next month’s elections.

The Local Alliance has registered with the Electoral Commission and is standing candidates for both Selsey Town Council and Chichester District Council.

Both elections are being held on Thursday May 2.

Donna and Tim Johnson are district candidates for Selsey South and Sidlesham with Selsey North.

Donna is currently a town councillor and is seeking re-election as well as standing for the district council.

She said: “The Local Alliance is about people, not the machinery of the national parties. We share the same values and we want to work together for the benefit of our communities.

“We want to become a force to be reckoned with across the peninsula, standing up for the parishes and towns across the Manhood. Selsey is its largest town so it makes complete sense to start here.”

For a full list of candidates visit the district council’s website.