New film highlights the new future of Adults’ Services

A newly released video shows how West Sussex County Council is making its Adults’ Services fit for the future.

By 2020 half the UK will be aged 50 or over.

The county council says this population shift is leading to different and ever-increasing demands.

It means the county council has had to change its Adults’ Services and the way they are organised.

The film explains how the council is moving towards more preventative and universally accessible services.

The council says the aim is to enable people to live in their own homes while remaining as independent as possible whatever their age or disability.

Among the services highlighted are the new Prevention Assessment Teams.

Their work helps people stay healthy and remain independent for as long as possible.

The ‘My Network’ and ‘My Network Plus’ services for adults with learning difficulties and their carers are also featured.

The council says they ensure vulnerable individuals receive the necessary support to live independently.

The film also shows examples of how the council is moving away from being a direct provider of services, and instead is partnering with voluntary and community based organisations.

Peter Catchpole, West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Health and Adults’ Services, said: “This film gives a valuable insight into some of the important changes and improvements that we are making to our Adults’ Services.

“It explains why the changes are necessary and how we are reaching out to serve a far wider number and range of residents than in the past.”

The film can be seen on the West Sussex County Council’s website: and following the link to West Sussex videos.