Fresh Bracklesham housing development plan submitted

Plans for 65 homes on the edge of Bracklesham have been submitted by developers.

Friday, 28th May 2021, 2:28 pm

Emaray Ltd wants to build on fields to the west of Bracklesham Lane opposite the former holiday village.

An outline planning application has been lodged with Chichester District Council

A total of 35 per cent affordable housing would be provided, with the scheme split up into 41 houses and 24 flats.

Illustrative site layout plan

The plans show a new footpath/cycle way to connect the proposed development to the recreation ground to the east and a wildlife habitat pond

According to the application: “These proposals represent an excellent opportunity to significantly boost housing supply in the Chichester district area by developing this site at the edge of East Whitening.

“The development in this location will provide suitable housing numbers while maintaining separation between the adjacent village of Earnley to ensure that it retains a distinct village settlement boundary.”

A fair few objections have already been sent in from residents.

They have raised concerns about traffic, environmental damage, flooding and sewerage issues, climate change and rising sea levels, insufficient infrastructure, lack of year-round employment and the merging of settlements.

One wrote: “It would be absolute insanity to grant permission for this development - there simply isn’t the infrastructure. Please do not allow the total decimation of this rural area.”

Another added: “We live on Bracklesham Lane and already the traffic is horrendous, we are also on a cesspit and the fields behind us are constantly flooding with raw sewage.”

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