County council cabinet changes

LEADER of West Sussex County Council Louise Goldsmith has made a series of changes to her Cabinet, which she says are designed to reflect key priorities for the authority.

The Environment and Economy portfolio has been re-named Communities, Environment and Enterprise, and will come under Lionel Barnard, Deputy Leader of the Council.

Mr Barnard’s previous responsibility for Highways and Transport has become a separate portfolio and will be looked after by Pieter Montyn, who joins the Cabinet.

Mrs Goldsmith said: “The portfolio Communities, Environment and Enterprise is all about three very important policy areas.

“We are working closely with our local communities and are developing a really exciting ‘Big Society’ agenda to allow local people to come forward and help shape the type of services they feel are needed in their local area.

“Protecting our very special environment against the pressures of modern life is massively important to everyone living in West Sussex.

“Enterprise is all about our commitment to the economy and playing a strategic role in helping to create business growth and new jobs through our membership of ‘Coast to Capital’ the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

“A well maintained road network is another key priority for the County Council, which is why I have decided that there should be a specific Highways and Transport portfolio.

“Pieter has been a deputy to Lionel on highways issues so he brings a great deal of experience to this role. He has also been heavily involved in the work that has been taking place to assess the impact of reducing subsidies to bus operators.”

The changes do not increase the size of the Cabinet, but a new deputy to the Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport has been created to which county councillor John O’Brien has been appointed.