Consultations over Littlehampton parking restrictions

Residents in Littlehampton are to be asked if they want to see any changes to the town’s parking regulations.

A letter with a pre-paid reply slip will be delivered to around 4,500 homes and businesses in the town centre asking if they have any particular parking problems and want to see proposals for further consultation.

West Sussex County Council is working with Mott Macdonald Consultancy on a consultation which includes the option of drawing up plans for a Residents Parking Scheme.

Other choices include making minor changes to existing restrictions (e.g. extending yellow lines) or simply doing nothing.

A Residents Parking Scheme is an area of streets where parking is controlled throughout the day.

Residents, local businesses and their visitors are given priority to park by purchasing permits or vouchers.

This in turn can prevent obstructions to private driveways by removing indiscriminate parking, improve road safety and reduce congestion.

County Council leader of the Joint Eastern Arun Area Committee, Graham Tyler, said: “The County Council is very keen to stress that this is only an initial consultation.

“As yet there are no proposals to speak of, and no final decisions have been taken by the committee.”

The closing date for the County Council to receive comments is August, 10 2012.

If there is support for investigating the proposals further, a more detailed public consultation and exhibition will be held either later in the year or early next year.

If any changes do go ahead, it is likely these would be introduced around the end of 2013.