Climate emergency calls to be discussed by Horsham councillors

A climate change protest in Chichester earlier this year
A climate change protest in Chichester earlier this year

Horsham councillors will be asked to put their all into helping the district achieve a zero carbon footprint.

A notice of motion on the subject of climate emergencies will be tabled by David Skipp (Lib Dem, Forest) when the council meets tonight (Wednesday June 26).

It reads: “We agree that in the face of recent dire warnings from the world scientific community concerning global warming, the loss of millions of insects and animal species and rampant deforestation, we are facing a climate emergency.

“We propose therefore that this council develops and implements a plan for the use of renewable technologies, sustainable transport options, zero carbon building, and for waste reduction and enhanced recycling within the district, working towards a net zero carbon target.

“We acknowledge that there will need to be public engagement and involvement, and resources will be required to underpin and support the long-term requirements of this far reaching proposal.”

Christine Costin (LDem, Trafalgar) said: “There is no more time to waste. Climate change and pollution will obliterate all life on our planet; organisations, businesses and every one of us needs to take action to prevent such a catastrophic tragedy.”

The meeting will be held in Parkside, Horsham, starting at 6pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend.