Chichester Lib Dems: More important than ever to find solutions that work for residents

Chichester Liberal Democracts at their manifesto launch
Chichester Liberal Democracts at their manifesto launch

By Chichester Liberal Democrats

As local people we are focused on our communities. We listen to the concern of our residents.

For these elections the Chichester Liberal Democrats have created a comprehensive manifesto which is the result of our Councillors listening to local resident’s concerns and aspirations throughout the District.

‘Too often residents’ concerns are ignored by the out-of-touch council. Decisions are imposed with either little or no consultation by the Conservative leadership. ’ says Adrian Moss, Liberal Democrat Group Leader.

‘It’s not about spending more money. It’s about engaging with the people who know their towns and villages better than anyone. Resources are scarce so it’s more important than ever to find solutions that work for residents. ‘

The Liberal Democrats have identified Six to Fix and are Demanding Better for our District:

Demand Better for our Communities - We will ensure our residents have a real voice on the Council.

Demand Better Housing - Preserve green spaces but provide truly affordable housing.

Demand Better Transport - Create a Citizens Assembly for the A27. Create a proper integrated, sustainable transport infrastructure.

Demand Better for Business - Support local business. Provide job opportunities locally for graduates and apprentices.

Demand Better for the Environment - The environment is a priority. We are committed to a greener, more environmentally friendly community.

Demand Better for the while District - We want people to live and work safely and comfortably throughout the whole district. We support cultural, recreational and sporting initiatives and encourage tourism to the region.

The Liberal Democrats have already demonstrated that a strong voice can lead the way on important policies. Our Councillors have campaigned on issues including removing the level crossing in Chichester, reducing the cuts to rural bus services and controlling single use plastics.

The Liberal Democrat Local Manifesto is available at

This piece is part of a series where all the major parties were invited to share their priorities for the district in the lead up to the Chichester District Council elections.

Polling day is Thursday May 2.