Chichester bar and restaurant wants to extend opening hours and play music at night

Woodies brasserie and bar in St Pancras, Chichester
Woodies brasserie and bar in St Pancras, Chichester

A Chichester bar and restaurant wants to extend its opening hours and play music late at night.

Woodies Brasserie & Bar in St Pancras has applied to Chichester District Council for a variation to its existing premises licence.

Currently the premises can open until 12.30am on Friday and Saturday nights, but the business wants to extend this until 1am.

Woodies is also applying for permission to play live music from 9pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, and recorded music from 10am to midnight Sunday to Thursdays and 10am to 1am Friday and Saturdays, both indoors only.

The application is due to be discussed by the council’s alcohol and entertainment licensing sub-committee on Thursday June 13.

The nature of the proposed variation is described by the applicant as: “To run Woodies Chichester as a brasserie restaurant and bar with restaurant seating in rear, bar towards front of restaurant.

“Style of food modern European/brasserie to high quality combined with bar area run with responsibility in management to create community and pride to Woodies Chichester as a long-standing institution in the city.”

The proposed changes have attracted several objections from residents living nearby.

One wrote: “A licensing extension to Woodies’ new restaurant on Friday and Saturday nights to midnight or beyond would cause a great deal of disturbance to all of us particularly as they have a courtyard overlooking the car park.”

Another said: “This is now a predominantly residential area and the extension applied for by the licensee is incompatible with this.”

Another objector added: “An extension to Woodies licence to include live or amplified music in a residential area is unacceptable.”