Calls to pedestrianise parts of Bognor Regis’ High Street

Bognor Regis High Street
Bognor Regis High Street

Calls to fully pedestrianise parts of Bognor Regis’ High Street have been made by district councillors.

During a discussion of recent town centre improvements, a number of members criticised motorists for using the route when only buses are allowed to drive through there.

On Monday several members of the Bognor Regis regeneration sub-committee spoke in favour of looking to pedestrianise parts of the High Street.

John Charles (Con, Barnham) felt buses did not need to use the whole length of the High Street and it would ‘make a lot of sense’ to have some pedestrianised areas.

He added: “People could then get around much easier.”

Tony Dixon (Ind, Aldwick East) described personally having a few ‘close shaves’ crossing the High Street as it was ‘very easy to step out’ thinking the coast was clear.

Jim Brooks (Ind, Marine) felt pedestrianising the section of the High Street outside The Arcade and rearranging that area would give Bognor Regis a ‘heart to our town centre’.

Paul English (Con, Felpham East) suggested automatic cameras could be a way of catching out those who drive down the road when they are not allowed to.

Meanwhile Francis Oppler (LDem, Orchard) felt the county council should have looked at automatic bollards. He said: “I think that’s in the dim future if at all.”