Calls for changes to new Felpham roundabout gain more support

The new mini roundabout in Felpham
The new mini roundabout in Felpham

Calls for design changes at a ‘dangerous’ new mini roundabout in Felpham have been supported by a senior Lib Dem.

West Sussex County Council completed the roundabout at the junction of Summerley Lane and Felpham Way in the spring.

The new mini roundabout in Felpham

The new mini roundabout in Felpham

But a number of accidents have occurred since then and earlier this month Arun district councillors Elaine Stainton and Gill Madeley, who both represent Felpham West, publicly called for design changes to be made.

They believe the give-way line on the Summerley Lane arm of the roundabout is too far back, leading to poor visibility looking eastwards for drivers turning out, and also want more signs.

Mrs Stainton described the mini roundabout a ‘waste of money’ and an ‘absolute disaster’, while Mrs Madeley called it ‘dangerous’.

In response the county council said officers have identified a number of improvements to make the road safer including installing additional signs and road markings, with contractors set to carry out this work ‘very soon’.

This week Matt Stanley, Arun’s cabinet member for technical services, has added his voice to the concerns raised by Mrs Stainton and Mrs Madeley.

He said: “As a Felpham resident myself I can share their experiences, I to have had feedback from several concerned members of the community about the recent accidents and near misses at this junction.

“Whilst previously there was some public consultation regarding the installation of a mini-roundabout this was prior to the opening of the new relief road.

“In many people’s opinion the new relief road has made the need for a roundabout at this junction completely unnecessary.

“At £140,000 it is clear this roundabout is an expensive mistake on a road that serves as access to many of our local schools. This needs to be reviewed urgently before more serious accidents occur.”

He said he would be contacting both the parish council and its county councillor to ask for their support.