Brexit Party selects Mid Sussex election candidate

David Banks Brexit Party candidate for Mid Sussex
David Banks Brexit Party candidate for Mid Sussex

The Brexit Party has selected its Mid Sussex candidate to contest the next general election.

Conservative Sir Nicholas Soames has represented the area in Parliament since 1997.

David Banks Brexit Party candidate for Mid Sussex

David Banks Brexit Party candidate for Mid Sussex

In the past few weeks the Brexit Party, led by Nigel Farage, has been selecting prospective parliamentary candidates in anticipation of the next general election, although no date has been set.

David Banks, who has lived in East Grinstead for 40 years and is a former town councillor, has been chosen to stand in Mid Sussex for the fledging political party.

He described how he joined the Brexit Party as a Leave voter frustrated with the failure of Theresa May’s Government to deliver on the result of the referendum.

He said: “The EU election result showed that the people of Mid Sussex are fed up with failure of politicians in general and the Conservative Party in particular, who received only eight per cent support in that vote, to deliver the clean Brexit they had been promised.

“I believe Mid Sussex wants change and, on behalf of the Brexit Party, I will be committed to ensuring the democratic result of the referendum is upheld.

“But, more importantly, I also want to ensure better delivery of services and resources for the people of Mid Sussex, already undermined by politicians’ failure to control the vast expansion of housing across the region that has stretched health, education and transport capabilities to breaking point.”

David has run a small building maintenance business in London since 1974 but is now semi-retired with one of his sons now handling the day-to-day running of the company.

He criticised the Tory Party for diverting resources to ‘vanity projects’ such as HS2 and endorsing an ‘ever more bloated’ House of Lords.

He added: “We will change this by reforming the political structure and focusing resources where voters want to see them deployed.”

A general election has to be held by 2022.