Boost for online shoppers as West Sussex libraries get Amazon lockers

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A number of libraries in West Sussex have been fitted with new Amazon Lockers as an alternative delivery solution for their online purchases.

The lockers have been installed in Chichester, Horsham and Crawley libraries. Customers can now order online from and pick up their delivery from a locker using a six-character pick-up code, which is sent to them via secure email upon delivery, instead of having parcels delivered to homes or businesses.

Lesley Sim, Information Services Manager for Libraries, said: “The new lockers securely store items bought online in convenient locations that can only be opened once the customer has entered the code.

“They have already been welcomed by readers and nearby residents - some who do not currently belong to a library – who collect deliveries at a time that is convenient for them.”

The introduction of the lockers follows on from plans to modernise the Library Service, which has already seen new self-service book machines installed in most of its branches.

Each Amazon locker has 44 units and buyers have three working days to pick up deliveries - before they are returned to Amazon for refunds.

Lionel Barnard, County Council Deputy Leader responsible for the Library Service, said the lockers are a new and efficient way to shop online.

He added: “They also help provide a regular income and ensure our branches are kept up-to-date with the latest technology.

“We understand people buying products from Amazon may also like to borrow books and so decided that our branches are perfectly placed for the new lockers.”

To find out more about the new lockers, contact the West Sussex Library Service on 01243 642 111. Alternatively visit