Police want to talk to man about incident which left woman ‘shaken up’ in Haywards Heath

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Police are searching for a man they would like to speak to about an incident which left a 24-year-old woman ‘shaken up’ in Haywards Heath yesterday (July 16).

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said: “We were contacted at 6.30pm on Wednesday (16 July) by a 24-year-old woman who had been approached by a man who had asked her to be his friend and had tried to exchange phone numbers with her.

“The man had taken hold of the woman’s arm as she walked home in Washington Road, Haywards Heath. The woman phoned a friend who met her and the man then walked away.

“There was no attempt by the man to pull the woman into a car, as has been suggested on social media, although the man did mention that he had a vehicle.

We are not linking this report to any other incidents and have not received any additional information to suggest that the man has approached anyone else.”

The man is described as black, in his 40s and dressed all in black.

Detective Sergeant Glenn Willcocks said: “We have spoken to the victim and although she was shaken up about what happened she was not hurt.

“There’s nothing to suggest that the man had anything other than an innocent motive but we would like to speak to him anyway.

“If you recognise the description of him please contact us.”