Poem of the week Unkindest cut of all

My hair grows long

And looks all wrong;

Delay I musn’t harbour.

The wife says “tut!

It’s time to cut”,

So I’m off to the barber.

I sit in chair,

He looks at hair;

“Short back and sides, once more”?

I murmur “yes”,

He grabs a tress,

A firm set to his jaw.

The scissors fly,

Till he well nigh,

Shakes me to the core.

My hair’s all gone

And lies upon,

His clean, receptive floor!

I look aghast,

Until at last,

He grimaced “crew cut’s great”.

Bid my goodbyes,

Hat covers eyes,

Feeling chill around the pate!

I got back home,

Showed her my dome;

Explained what he’d been at.

She starts to laugh,

Cries “you don’t half,

Look like a coconut mat”!!!

Don Filliston.