Poem of the week - Times

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Times are ever – a changing,

As all of us beings can see.

With boarded up shops, and stores shutting down,

In towns, and very many a city . . .

Is advanced technology the everything?

In this world in which we endeavour to give.

Severe cut backs in all mainline services,

Which deter us much – in trying to live . . .

Postage stamps rocketing to an all time cost,

So sending a letter, or card, will for so many be definitely lost.

Children looking out for those special times

On a birthday, that the Royal Mail will bring.

Or, is it now – just a pleasant text,

But not quite in their minds – the same thing.

Man can now travel down – to the deep oceans depth.

To observe the magical “Life of the Sea”.

Also go into space, in another dimension,

In our quest for knowledge to be . . .

In the press, the loss of so many lives,

We read of mans pain, and anxiety.

Strict regimes, that govern its people,

To stop their living peacefully.

It would be a truly remarkable thing,

In today’s “TIMES”, if it ever came to be.

That peace might prevail, in our ever

Changing world, not just now, but for eternity.


West Chiltington Road, Pulborough