Poem of the week Then and Now, Old Timer, Then and Now!

WHEN we were young, time mattered not;

We took a long term view,

Of mortgage, savings that we’d got;

A touch of ‘derring-do’!

One’s trousers had a good sharp crease;

Our hair, short back and sides.

We neither plastered it with grease,

Nor tattooed our arms besides.

To parents, we gave due respect,

To teachers and the police.

Now looking back, I do suspect,

We came through in one piece.

A football match, we all enjoyed,

Players and fans, at length.

We didn’t need the police deployed

Around the ground in strength.

Cricket at Lords in our club ties,

In the summer sun, with tans.

A hun dred up and our spirits rise.

Now the crowds dump lager cans.

We didn’t have iPods - mobiles.

No car to take us hence.

Kept fit and slim by walking miles,

With street cred common sense.

The young today are strong and tough.

I’m off to have my tea.

Funny, how soon I’m ‘out of puff’

And trousers bag at the knee!

Don Filliston.