Poem of the week Temptations

HERE come the shoppers, trundling by

Filling their trolleys with food.

Children want sweets and wonder why

Mum’s in a funny old mood.

Why is everything moved around,

From one aisle to another?

What you want just cannot be found;

I don’t want any other.

Broccoli, cabbage and a few sprouts;

Oranges, mustard and cress.

Is the fish fresh? – I have my doubts,

After freezing, the flavour’s less.

There’s buy one, get one free, on this;

Fifty per cent off that.

Now here’s a bargain you can’t miss

On pouches for your little cat.

Claret’s on offer at half price

And don’t miss the Aussie white.

Although the German hock is nice –

Oh! That bottle’s beyond her height.

Plain chocolate looks delicious

And dark Belgian is divine.

Well, just one bar, it’s nutritious,

Then you can have some of mine.

Bread and cakes, milk, sugar and tea,

Then off to pay at the tills.

Is one less busy, can you see?

It’s been a battle of wills!!

Don Filliston