Poem of the week Sands of Horncroft Farm

THE proposal to extract sand from Horncroft Farm,

if accepted could cause considerable harm.

The owners of the land have a national duty

to preserve this area of natural beauty.

The mining of sand should be to meet a need

and not on the basis of owner’s creed.

The county reserves of sand are such,

as to meet future housing needs by much.

The proposal is flawed on that there’s no doubt,

the reason most residents want to throw it out

The location of this site as found on the map,

is served by roads suited to pony and trap.

The heavy lorries proposed by the plan,

would cause lanes and verges to go ‘down the pan’.

The National Park that was formed of late

does not support this proposal to date.

Why should this quarry be imposed on us?

It’s no wonder all who care should create a fuss.

Please reject in full this as a proposal too far,

and leave us be with our sand quarry bar.

Ray Weatherley