Poem of the week Never Look Back

HE was a dog and she was a bitch

And they lived in a house by the sea.

Their owner was rich and made a firm pitch

To make them run fast as could be.

He was quite sleek and she was quite meek

And their legs were most sturdy and strong.

Three times a week, they’d go down to the creek

And race down the shoreline headlong.

He had the breed and she had the speed

And for stamina, neither did lack.

They both felt the need to pass and to lead

And were ready to race at the track.

They knew they’d rue being number two

As they strained in the trap for the hare.

Without further ado, ‘midst the ‘hullabaloo’,

They were off and the leading pair.

In the back straight, I have to relate,

They were both going all out to win.

They felt it was fate to better their mate,

But the margin of victory was thin.

They came to the line, cutting it fine.

He looked back and leered – got her beat.

She saw him lose time and thought this is mine

And flashed past the post - a dead heat!!

Don Filliston