Poem of the week Hard Times

Come now, Chancellor, patience bring;

You have support from Governor King

And this will prove a helpful thing,

As the year wears on.

The snow this winter made you frown;

It turned your targets upside down

And with the ‘Two Eds’ now in town,

You may wish them gone!

Rising prices, lagging wages

And watching while inflation rages.

Banks’ interest rates creep up in stages,

While we cannot borrow.

Times are hard, could not be tougher;

The value of our earnings suffer.

Squeeze on living standards, rougher.

Recovery tomorrow?

Headwinds face our U.K. spending;

Debilitating debts unending.

Pay squeeze shows no signs of bending;

Underlines our fate.

Austerity is still our way.

We look ahead to glimpse a ray

Of hope, to light a brighter day.

We work on – and wait!

Don Filliston.