Poem of the week Bank Bonuses

BANKS and bonuses form a contemporary pair,

on which politicians have exhaled much ‘hot air’.

The bonus culture as of now is fit and healthy,

gives rise to making some people wealthy.

Bonus payments are certainly not something new,

never considered for many, but for a lucky few.

Now they appear in most walks of life,

sometimes can be paid where indolence is rife.

Why is this culture now a cause for concern?

Because people no longer have money to burn.

When it was good times for all, we never did hear,

the clamour of complaints that now come to ear.

To put this at the heart of all economic woes,

is about as sensible as a wind that never blows.

Banks that have been bailed out with our money,

must repay with interest when their outlook is sunny.

All are responsible, few are to blame,

In order to change things we keep them the same!

Ray Weatherley