Planning framework examined

THE Planning Inspectorate is set to carry out an independent examination of the Horsham District Planning Framework.

The soundness of the Horsham Local Plan has to be determined and the examination, including all 3,073 representations, will last around three weeks, starting towards the end of the year.

If the document is agreed by the appointed planning inspector, Geoff Salter, it is anticipated the planning framework will be adopted by the council in April 2015.

Claire Vickers, cabinet member for living and working communities, said: “This is the most important planning document that the council has produced in recent years.

“It has obliged us to look at how we are to provide homes and jobs both now and into the future and maintain economic prosperity for our district.

“It will also put us in a much stronger position to control the location and extent of development and resist planning appeals by developers.

“Given the extent of such a plan it is understandable that there have been some very passionate responses to parts of it.

“The plan along with consultation comments now goes to a Government inspector who will go through every aspect of it and ensure we have met all the requirements of Government policy and guidance.”