Pictures: Pupils look to past as term starts

HISTORY was brought to life by pupils in a back-to-school dress-up day at Glebe Primary School in Southwick.

The age of exploration and Shakespearean imagination was re-enacted by year-fives dressing as Tudors to kick-start their new topic.

Year-six experienced a day in the life of second world war evacuees for their term on the war.

On Monday, year-five pupils dressed in full-bodied skirts and feathered flat hats for an entire day of Tudor activities.

Year-five teacher, Becca Rose, said: “Year-five children kicked-off the new academic year by travelling back in time to Tudor England. They started their day in the kitchen, making some rather tasty gingerbread and followed this with more careful handiwork, stitching their own coin purses.

“Later in the morning, a trip to a Tudor physician saw children encrusted with boils from the plague. A combination of gory medicines were then applied as the cure, sadly to no avail. After lunch, a more serene afternoon of Tudor art and street games completed a fantastic launch into their new topic.”

On the same day year-six came equipped with gas masks and boxes full of belongings. They registered at the billing centre and marched around Southwick looking for families to stay with.

Deputy head Mrs P Marks said: “This very dramatic start has launched the beginning of a very exciting and important topic, learning about what life was like for children in the 1940s and WW2.”