Picture perfect way to blend past and present

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The man with the most famous thumb in Crawley has been out and about again blending the town’s past and present through photography.

Jeff Pitcher, 45, has become a familiar feature in the town centre as he lines up his photos - often standing in the middle of the road to get the angles right.

Crawley History: Then Again pictures by Jeff Pitcher

Crawley History: Then Again pictures by Jeff Pitcher

The photos - part of a project called Then Again which appear in an album on Jeff’s Facebook page - have proved fascinating for Crawley people of all ages.

The simple concept of holding up an old photo of a Crawley landmark and snapping its present day surroundings is actually a lot more complicated than it seems.

Jeff said: “It is a very tricky thing to execute well.

“Horizontal and vertical horizons, plus the backward and forwards motion of both the camera and my hand - that’s at least eight things to go wrong before I even begin to find the right setting!”

The photos certainly give a intriguing glimpse into the town’s past.