Phyllis celebrates her centenary in style

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A HORSHAM lady celebrated her centenary in style with a ride in a vintage sports car.

Phyllis Rogers (left) turned 100 on September 20 with a party in Roffey Park for over 100 friends, family and neighbours.

The guests included her 20 great-grandchildren. Son Brian, 69, said: “She always wanted a fast open-topped sports car but never had one so we had a friend take her away in one after the celebration.

“She was driving till she was 91 so she probably would have got behind the wheel if we’d have let her. She’s incredibly independent - at the age of 89 she was still visiting the old folk for Age Concern. And she still does a spot of gardening every now and again.”

Phyllis is a well known local figure, having run the Five Oaks post office for 25 years from 1947.

And her secret of long life?

“Hard work, determination and clean living,” said Brian.