Petition website is still not working

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People wanting to launch online petitions with Crawley Borough Council are having to make alternative plans as the website remains down.

It has been nearly a year since the e-petition site was removed from the council’s webpage. While people can use other online petition websites, the council is advising that residents make sure the full name and Crawley work or home address of each person signing must be given because without them a signature is not valid.

A council spokesman said: “The previous e-petition system was removed in November 2012. A new e-petitions system is currently being worked on and will be available on our website soon.

“In the meantime our website explains the process of organising and submitting a petition and provides a suggested sample covering sheet and petition sheet – which petitioners are encouraged to use.

“Anyone who lives, works or studies in Crawley – including those under the age of 18 – can organise and sign a petition. A valid Crawley address and a minimum of 50 signatures are required.”