Petition signals new hope for pedestrian crossing campaign

jpco-17-7-13 Campaign for pedestrian crossing at Broadfield Barton  (Pic by Jon Rigby)
jpco-17-7-13 Campaign for pedestrian crossing at Broadfield Barton (Pic by Jon Rigby)

Years of campaigning for a pedestrian crossing at the neighbourhood centre in Broadfield could come to fruition with the help of a petition.

Morrison’s supermarket is currently doing work to the petrol station there and residents, including childminder Louise Weekes, want a pedestrian crossing to make it safer.

Louise, 51, who also runs the Inspire Broadfield charity said: “I have to walk five children across that road every morning, so I know how dangerous it is.

“It’s been going on a long time. Morrison’s Garage was the tipping point.

“It was a Total garage before, but it was more expensive. Morrisons have a deal if you pay £50 you get money off your petrol. It’s only going to get worse.”

She is hoping that when they meet on October 10, members of the Crawley East County Local Committee will choose Broadfield Barton as one of its three road priorities from their list of 15 possible projects.

Committee members Cllrs Brian Quinn and Alan Quirk are also committed to fighting the residents’ corner.

Cllr Alan Quirk (Con, Broadfield South) said: “The Crawley West County Local Committee (CLC) has put it into the programme, but I’m not convinced it will be in the foreseeable future.

“What we are trying to do is kick it up the backside and hope the petition will do it.

“Next to the garage are some flats that were protected for the elderly, so the road is an area where elderly people will use it.”

Cllr Quinn (Lab, Broadfield North), who has been working on this for seven years, was confident members would vote with them.

He said: “I have urged my fellow panel members (to make it a priority). They know about it. This is a priority. When Morrisons starts there in September, it’s going to be horrendous traffic there.

“I emailed the head of Highways and he said if it’s a priority, years ago it would take a year to 18 months, but they know this is a priority. Two Highways officers have seen it and put it forward as important.”