Worthing school teacher saves children stranded on train

Jasmine was distraught following the incident
Jasmine was distraught following the incident

A Worthing school teacher found herself stepping in as a good Samaritan after two children on a train were separated from their mum.

Jasmine Andrews, from Crawley, was left distraught as a train left Crawley station with two of her three children on board while she was stranded on the platform.

Luckily Danielle Henley, a teacher at Orchard Junior School, was on the train and was able to look after the children until they could be reunited with their mum.

Mum Jasmine described the nightmare situation: “The train has pulled up. I got my nine-year-old to hold my one-year-old on the train.”

Jasmine went to put the buggy, with 11 week old Aurora in it, onto the Thameslink train but the doors began to close..

She added: “They were literally inches away from crushing the buggy. I had no option but to pull the buggy out.”

Jasmine said she tried to reopen the doors but was unable to, leaving her stranded with her 11-week-old baby on the platform with two of her children on the train.

She added: “Every time I think about it I just want to cry.

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. All I can picture was the look in my daughter’s eyes.

“People round me heard me screaming that my children were on the train on their own.”

Jasmine sought the help of station staff. She said one worker drove to Ifield to try and intercept the train.

She added: “I had to wait 40 minutes... to find out whether they were still on the train. [Then] we got a phone call from Littlehaven.”

Teacher Danielle looked after Thia, aged nine, and Noah, one, and called station staff when she and the children departed at Littlehaven.

She said: “I could just hear screaming from behind me. This little girl shouting mummy.

“Her mum was frantically trying to press the button to get the door open.”

Danielle added that her and another lady went over to try and calm the children down.

She said: “They were hysterical to begin with. It was not nice hearing the children in such a state.

“I managed to calm them down and they stopped crying.

“[We] told them not to worry, said we would stay with them until we found their mum.

“I asked the little girl where she was going. I had to wait with them while the next train came.”

Jasmine added: “I can’t thank her enough. It does not bear thinking about what could have happened if she was not there.

“My daughter said that she was so good and so lovely. Every time my daughter cried she would give her a hug and reassure her.

“When I got reunited I was so upset, my daughter was so upset, I was blown away by it all. I have found her [the good Samaritan], I said a big thank you.”

Danielle said: “She was just thankful - still very emotional. It was just lucky I could help.”

But Jasmine said Thia is yet to get over the ordeal.

She added: “My daughter is still struggling to sleep at night. It was extremely distressing.

“I’m only so thankful that my nine year old was with my one-year-old. I still feel quite emotional about it now.”

Thameslink has been approached for comment.

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