VIDEO: Silence on Novartis demolition plans is ‘disappointing’

JPCT 060912 Martin White - history of the Novartis site.
JPCT 060912 Martin White - history of the Novartis site.

A neighbour is disappointed that one of Horsham’s largest employers has not engaged with residents over plans to demolish some of its buildings.

Martin White, an information scientist from Allcard Close, whose house backs on to the northern portion of the Novartis site off Parsonage Road, said he was disappointed at the silence from the company as it submitted plans just before Christmas.

The pharmaceutical giant has submitted two applications, both for the southern part of the site, one for prior notice for demolition of buildings on the site south of Parsonage Road, and a second for access on to the road and a new car park.

Under the rationalisation of the site, announced in August 2012, excess land could be sold off for alternative development.

“I think that I can see what they are doing they want to move the car park into the main site so that frees up the opportunity to sell the developed land north of Parsonage Road,” Mr White said.

“This is all guesswork, but we still have concerns about the development of the north site and it would be nice to have some discussions, and see that Novartis was listening to views of neighbours.”

He added: “I think where I’m coming from it would have been nice if Novartis would have engaged with us.”

Previously he said that if any problems arose within the area, they were speedily resolved, while Novartis has always been active within the community.

A Novartis spokesperson said: “Novartis has previously indicated its intention to sell some land currently owned at its Horsham site as part of the company’s commitment to update the footprint of the site. This process is currently underway and no conclusion has been reached with regards to a purchaser.”

Any application for the north site would be subject to the usual planning and consultation process.