Southwick teachers and parents team up to improve school library

Southwick teachers and parents are on the run, each making a move to cover 100km in March to raise money for their school library.

Friday, 26th March 2021, 4:22 pm

With just a few days to go, the Eastbrook Primary Academy team has already travelled ‘all the way to Antalya in Turkey’, covering a total of 1,200km and raising £2,830.

It has been a tremendous effort by all involved, including head teacher Julia Sherlock and members of the Friends of Eastbrook Primary Academy.

Allan Trower, year-one teacher and literacy lead, said: “Our school PTA has organised the ‘move 100km in March’ challenge, which 40 people, including 17 members of staff, are doing to raise funds to improve the library areas at Eastbrook - and hopefully provide an outside reading space, too.

Eastbrook Primary Academy head teacher Julia Sherlock completed her first 6k run in just over 46 miinutes

“The challenge was for people to walk, run or cycle the distance during March. On the final day of term, all the children in the school will be completing 1km around the school field to finish the challenge.”

The initial target was £1,000 but now the team is really hoping to get to £5,000 by the end of the month. Some of the team have already done their 100km and are still carrying on for the cause, others have a little way to go but are working hard to complete the challenge.

Carla Mouland, from the Friends group, said: “The PTA and staff at Eastbrook are super passionate and excited about our fundraising project.

“Libraries are there to ignite a passion for books and reading. Often in schools, they are there to provide calm spaces where learning and a love of reading can really take off.

The Hutchin family out on a bike ride

“Sadly, due to lack of funding in schools, areas like these inevitably suffer and Eastbrook is no exception. We desperately need to ‘spruce’ our library spaces throughout the school so they are functional, welcoming and a space that excites the children about books.

“We are looking to build on what we have by improving every aspect, from the shelving and furniture to an updated selection of books to boost what we can already offer the children at Eastbrook.

“This applies to the KS1 library, where the yurt is, down to the smaller library areas in KS2, and even an outside reading area. We have done all we can with what is available and now need help to take it to the next level.”

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