Southwater Football Club bars dogs from pitch over poo problem

A football club near Horsham has barred dogs from its pitch in a bid to stop a poo problem.

Tuesday, 17th August 2021, 2:22 pm

Southwater FC has said it faced ‘ongoing issues’ with litter, broken glass and dog poo being left on its pitches.

And players have had to patrol the pitch before every training session or match to remove and nasty surprises.

The club is taking a stand to keep its pitches clean and says it is now reducing access to members of the public and dog walkers.

Dogs have been barred from Southwater FC's pitches over a poo problem

In a statement, a spokesman said: “At the beginning of every training session and game we have to check the area for litter, broken glass and dog poo.

“We have also had members of the public walk through our Soccer Camp sessions, despite the area being roped off.

“The pitches are frequently used by 7 teams plus our Soccer School, Soccer Camps and F4K, we need to ensure the safety of all our children and adults alike.”

The club is asking dogs to be kept on leads and not walked across its pitches, as well as encouraging the public to only use designated paths and not walk across pitches when they’re in use.

The spokesman said: “Southwater FC are solely responsible for the upkeep of the pitches - this costs a minimum of £9000 a year of which is paid for by players fees, fundraising and grants.

“Thank you for your understanding and we also ask that signage is not ripped down.”

But the club insisted it ‘loves dogs’. The spokesman said: “We love dogs and many of us are dog owners too - dogs are more than welcome at Southwater Sports Club where you can have a refreshing drink and some great food.

“Club membership is just £25 per family and drinks orders are made via an app - very easy and the best value in the village.”