South Downs based play group gives toddlers the chance to explore

Laura explained that there are huge benefits of outside play for instance developing children's immune systems
Laura explained that there are huge benefits of outside play for instance developing children's immune systems

A mother of two on a mission to give children the chance to explore, play and discover has set up a unique group open for all.

Laura’s Explorers, based in Easebourne, will provide little visitors the chance to have freedom to explore, climb, take managed risks, play and meet friends, and Laura describes it as a place where ‘fun never ends’.

The group is based at a designated play area which is set within two acres of land in the South Downs National Park, offering mud kitchens, ride-on tractors, little diggers and much more.

The purpose of the group is child-led play, allowing each and every group to be different as it follows their interest, but the visitors at Laura’s Explorers will gather twice at each group for fun-packed nature based crafts and activities which will capture each individual child’s imagination.

Laura said: “I’m not just a woodland group, the on-site hut offers all the necessary facilities for a young family, toilets, baby changing and running water, in the hut there is also a place to make a hot drink and purchase snacks from the tuck shop.”

Since the group launched in May, Laura explained that it had been an incredible journey but also that the group is continuously growing and she is excited for the group’s future.

She added: “I’m a mother-of-two nature-loving boys, Oscar who is four and Isaac who is 20 months and although the local groups are lovely they didn’t quite capture my child’s interest or their love for the great outdoors which got me thinking.

“I was made redundant from work after returning from maternity leave. It was an ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ situation as it allowed me to create this amazing group offering outside play not only to my own children but to the whole community.”

There are many reasons for Laura chasing this passion and one reason in particular is wanting children to appreciate the outside in the same way she did.

She explained: “Growing up on a private estate in West Sussex I lived outside with my older brother, nature was our playgroup and I have always been keen to offer my children this same start in life.

“I read an article a while back which showed that an average UK child spends less time outside than a prison inmate and this terrified me, yes there are risks outside but this is how children learn and develop skills.”

Laura’s Explorers is available to toddlers term time, under-12s in the holidays and is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 9.30am to 1pm, regardless of the weather conditions.

Each session costs £4 per child, siblings then cost £2 and those much smaller visitors can join in on the many exciting adventures for free.

For more information contact Laura via email on or visit