School Diversity Week: Bohunt Worthing staff made banners and student ambassadors created safe spaces

Staff made banners and student ambassadors created safe spaces as part of School Diversity Week at Bohunt Worthing.

Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 2:56 pm

The annual celebration of equality in education included many activities at all levels, including staff adapting curriculums to ensure inclusivity and students creating a platform where people can talk about diversity and equalities.

Staff and the LGBT+ ambassadors made rainbow banners to hang in the atrium at the heart of the school.

Adam Whitehead, headteacher, said: “Our school ethos is having the highest expectations and empowering students to make positive contributions to society.

Bohunt School Worthing staff making their Pride banner

“We are educating students to be confident and successful individuals, those who can think for themselves in challenging injustice, striving to live peaceably with others, whilst having a strong sense of their own place in the world.”

All the events were part of a pivotal movement helping people to become more tolerant in support of mutual respect and acceptance, while eliminating prejudice and discrimination.

Tom Pearson, achievement co-ordinator, said the school has a small but growing Pride group and he hoped to further expand it next year.

He added: “I want students in our school to feel like they can be themselves, whatever that means for them, without fear of reprisal. The more we promote equality and are devoted to making our spaces equal, the greater that sense of community becomes, for all students.”

Banners hanging in the atrium at the heart of the school

Jane Todorovic, who leads the Pride group, said the flags looked amazing and she was really pleased with what the school had achieved.