Sainsbury’s speaks out over Horsham town centre car park flood

Sainsbury's car park
Sainsbury's car park

Christmas shoppers in Horsham faced getting wet feet after a town centre car park flooded.

Those who parked in the Sainsbury’s underground car park had to wade through floods of water to return to their cars after finishing their Christmas shopping today.

Most of the floor of the car park was covered in water up to an inch deep as shoppers battled to make it to their vehicles with dry feet.

Shopper Bernard Wiggins said: “It was particularly bad today. It’s been like it for years and nothing ever seems to happen.

“No remedial work ever seems to be undertaken.”

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: ““We’re aware of this issue and working with the council to resolve it as quickly as possible.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”