Plant pot torsos and giant spiders invade village

Bizarre potted legs have appeared around Henfield. Photo by Richar Way (@bricksAbroad)
Bizarre potted legs have appeared around Henfield. Photo by Richar Way (@bricksAbroad)

Baffled residents have woken up to a bizarre invasion as plant pot torsos, giant spiders and even Charlie Chaplin appeared in a village.

Village’s in Henfield have been left puzzled and amused after coming across random pieces of artwork this morning (June 8).

Jeans with plants growing out the top have been found perched on several benches whilst a colourful snake was spotted wrapped around a tree.

Hazel Grant, secretary of Henfield Parish Council, explained the pieces of art had been put up to mark the Henfield Gardens and Arts Festival, set to take place this weekend.

She said: “They are exquisite, absolutely exquisite. There’s the most amazing vibe in the village this morning.

“There was a pair of jeans on a bench that made me jump this morning.”

Hazel said she had seen a spider’s web with a giant spider in the Tanyard, bird boxes with lots of knitted birds and even Charlie Chaplin poking his head above a wall.

“It makes strangers who would normally just nod at each other talk to each other,” she said. “You will be walking around and there may be a wall and there will be little painted pebbles in it.

“It was a nice surprise to wake up to, it’s delightful.”

On social media others have praised the unusual invasion.

On Twitter Richar Way (@bricksAbroad) shared the picture above saying it was ‘curious times’ in the village.

Sarah Klugman said: “Potted legs have appeared all over Henfield. Such creativity. Love them!”

The garden and arts festival will be held across both Saturday and Sunday this weekend (June 9 and 10).

Residents will be opening up their wonderful gardens to the public and there will also be a host of entertainment including displays of art, live music and food.

The event starts at 11am on Saturday and will end with a big musical finale on Sunday, with a live band entertain guests from 8pm.

Blue leaflets with a map can be picked up from the village hall and library as well as other libraries across the district.

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